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Altitude Data Web Design Service Statement

Altitude Data Web Design Service Statement
Service is what we are all about. Altitude Data Web Design values relationship with our clients and we always strive to create a win-win solutions for the benefit all concerned. As consultants, we will always recommend the best solutions concerning the technology that powers your efforts, but we realize that no one knows your business, markets and culture better than you. Together, we can help you take your business to the next level in this emerging global marketplace. Whether it's designing a new website, building, optimizing, servicing, upgrading or maintaining your existing website, to working together with you to create an effective online marketing solution to help push your business or eCommerce solutions to new levels, Altitude Data Web Design can engineer a solution to help. Please consider partnering with us today.

Altitude Data's area of expertise has it's foundation in standards compliant web design, search engine optimization - SEO enabling high search result rankings, and developing Internet and online marketing strategies, in addition to computer repair, pc repair and computer and network security. If you are a start-up, small business, home based business, or an individual user and have been wondering what to do about handling your technology requirements, please give us a try and let us prove to you why we say, Altitude Data Web Design cares. Read what our customers say:

Website Design Client References

"One of the first things I did after I started my new business was purchase a domain with my company name. The domain came with a “website builder” that promised I’d be up and running with a professional looking site in practically no time. I couldn’t wait to get started. Six hours later, I was on the verge of tears with an amateurish collection of mismatched clip art and overlapping photos to show for my efforts."

"I dinked around with the mess for several weeks, assuming a professional website design service would be prohibitively expensive. In frustration, I deleted the whole thing, figuring no web content was more professional than what I’d managed to achieve on my own."

"Enter Altitude Data (recommended by a friend of a friend). Tammy and Michael were professional, treated me with respect, and worked with me every step of the way. After I described my goals and the look I was after, Michael helped me create a design that looked and functioned exactly like I had envisioned, sometimes even better. Whenever I submitted new or revised content, Michael implemented the changes in a very timely manner, often within hours."

"When the site was finished, Tammy sat down with me and helped me with other aspects of my business, including Google functions I was not aware of, blogging, creating mailing lists, and shipping ideas."

"Both of them went above and beyond what I had expected, for a very reasonable price."

"I have been very satisfied with my website and have gotten many compliments on it. The online store works perfectly, with good search engine optimization, thanks to their tips and tricks. If I were using a star system to rate this company, I’d give it five stars."
Leah – Loveland

"It's good to know you're always on deck. When I worked for bigger companies, I never had IT support like this."
Tim – Berthoud

"Altitude Data has been a tremendous wealth of technical support for our company. They completed a web site for my company within 5 business days with outstanding results. When my outdated computer has had many melt downs, Altitude Data came on site to fix all the issues in a timely manner. Their prices are unbeatable by any other company as we have used other companies in the past. Our business is in part successful due to the technical support from Altitude Data. When it came time to purchase a new computer system, Altitude Data recommended a system that would best suit our company. We are so grateful for their professional and outstanding work ethics. I would recommend Altitude Data to any business or any individual in need of outstanding technical support."
Carey – Loveland

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