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"One of the first things I did after I started my new business was purchase a domain with my company name. The domain came with a “website builder” that promised I’d be up and running with a professional looking site in practically no time. I couldn’t wait to get started. Six hours later, I was on the verge of tears with an amateurish collection of mismatched clip art and overlapping photos to show for my efforts."

"I dinked around with the mess for several weeks, assuming a professional website design service would be prohibitively expensive. In frustration, I deleted the whole thing, figuring no web content was more professional than what I’d managed to achieve on my own."

"Enter Altitude Data (recommended by a friend of a friend). Tammy and Michael were professional, treated me with respect, and worked with me every step of the way. After I described my goals and the look I was after, Michael helped me create a design that looked and functioned exactly like I had envisioned, sometimes even better. Whenever I submitted new or revised content, Michael implemented the changes in a very timely manner, often within hours."

"When the site was finished, Tammy sat down with me and helped me with other aspects of my business, including Google functions I was not aware of, blogging, creating mailing lists, and shipping ideas."

"Both of them went above and beyond what I had expected, for a very reasonable price."

"I have been very satisfied with my website and have gotten many compliments on it. The online store works perfectly, with good search engine optimization, thanks to their tips and tricks. If I were using a star system to rate this company, I’d give it five stars."

Leah – Loveland, CO

"I would strongly recommend working with Michael. I had visions of how I wanted my website, but no clue on how to build or manage one. It was like Michael could see my vision while we spoke and he produced more than I even imagined. My site is professional, informational, and inviting. Prospective clients comment on how helpful the website is prior to contacting me. I enjoy my continued working relationship with Michael."

Cynthia – Fort Collins, CO

"I want you to know that I have appreciated the work you did on my website. This website has been a boon to my career and cash flow. In setting this up for numerous photos, including key words, and setting it up for PayPal payments, has increased opportunities for sales and commissions. Thank you!"

Bobbie – Loveland, CO
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