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About Altitude Data Web Design
Websites are what Altitude Data Web Design is all about. We were started by professionals in internet technology area to provide businesses as well as individuals with an efficient, convenient, cost effective alternative to the high price Website Design, SEO and Online Marketing companies. We believe that a business should be built on a foundation of trust and personal relationships. The world is full of people who are just out for a buck. People who charge exorbitant rates, have a "that's okay, it's good enough" attitude and think that their creative freedom would be encroached upon by accepting input from their clients. We want and value your ideas and your business and we commit to proving ourselves to you and to not let you down.

Professional Website Design

Don't trust your website design to someone who just makes colorful boxes linked together with pictures and text inside with no regard to established web design standards or SEO techniques. In one case we ran into, a web designer needed to upgrade his web hosting service and wound up hosing all of his clients sites. Of course he hadn't made a backup of the websites either. He dropped out of site shortly after that and then quit returning his clients phone calls.

We won't leave you hanging. We know the best ways to protect your websites, systems and data, and all of our website designs are 100% standards compliant and are plug-n-play on any standard web server. We also make frequent backups, both on the web server and locally on our office systems.

Altitude Data Web Design ~ The Right Solution

Regardless if you are a small business owner, or operate a home based business, Altitude Data Web Design can handle all of your Web Design, SEO and Online Marketing needs for much less than our competitors and our follow up service and support is second to none. Additionally, If you're contemplating deploying a website in the near future, please give us a call and let us show you how we can help, not only with the actual website design, but also SEO and Online Marketing Consultation. If you're not happy, we're not happy. We would love to have the opportunity to prove it to you. Call us today at 970.308.5108.